27 October 2011 ~ Comments Off on People are Talking…

People are Talking…

“Mob Rule Learning is an eye-opening look at how and why we learn, and is absolutely the seminal text on Unconferencing.”

—J. P. Porcaro, founder, 8bitlibrary.com
and National Library Unconference Day


Mob Rule Learning explores the unconference phenomenon and offers a roadmap for self-organizing learning communities. … an important contribution.”

—Mark Kuznicki, co-organizer,
TransitCamp, ChangeCamp

“Michelle Boule has done a great job of describing the benefits and challenges of unconferences, and how to successfully run one. But she doesn’t stop there—she extends the unconference idea into classrooms and organizations for corporate and student learning opportunities, too. Definitely a must-read!”

—David Lee King, author,
Designing the Digital Experience

“The world around our students has changed, but teaching methods have not kept pace. Boule provides impetus for rethinking the issues and practical ideas for addressing the opportunities.”

—Cole W. Camplese, senior director,
Teaching and Learning with
Technology, Penn State

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