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Mob Rule Learning


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Part One: And So It Begins…

Chapter 1: Traditional Conferences: What They Do and How They Get It Wrong

Chapter 2: (Un)Defining a Camp or Unconference

Chapter 3: The Good, the Bad, and the Unscripted

Chapter 4: How to Plan and Execute a Successful Camp

Chapter 5: Unconference Case Studies

Chapter 6: Applying the Unconference Structure Beyond Conferences and the Future of the Movement

Part Two: Changing the Rules of Learning

Chapter 7: Traditional Classrooms: What Is Missing?

Chapter 8: Benefits and Challenges to Leaving the Traditional Classroom Behind

Chapter 9: Creating Your Own Knowledge Ecosystem: Harnessing the Power of Mob Labor

Chapter 10: Planting, Caring For, and Feeding Your Mob

Chapter 11: Education Case Studies

Chapter 12: The Future of the Self-Educated Mob

Afterword: A Conclusion and Manifesto

Appendix: Tools and Glossary

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